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"Our group has now returned safely to Canada with nothing but wonderful memories and stories of our vacation.  We were all so very pleased with your tour...your attention to detail, your organization skills, your caring and friendly personality and (Hazem's) superb excellence as a tour guide."
Diane S.

"I have only one word that can describe the trip and that is....WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!! AND DOUBLE WOW!
OMEGA, it was the most amazing two days of touring we have ever had on any cruise in our lifetime.  From seeing the pyramids for the first time, to the camel ride we took down to them, to the special dinner Vicki had arranged for us that evening (with wonderful Egyptian entertainment) ...the great hotel, the lunch cruise down the Nile, and so many other breathtaking experiences there just aren't enough words in the English language to describe the experience."
Sue A.

"I have to say I was VERY IMPRESSED  with this tour as I am not one that is overly fond of doing organized tours.  The organization was very professional and the tour operator went beyond what most tour operators would do for people.  There was a lot of Value for the money that was paid for this tour.
Tony S.

"In February 2008 my family had the incredible opportunity to tour Egypt - a trip of a lifetime!  It was a dream to one day see the great pyramids of Giza; we had no idea we would ever have the opportunity to see them and so much more; better yet, be able to take our children with us.  It was an exciting adventure that has created lifelong memories for us. 

Having a great organizer made the decision to go much easier.  We were lucky to have someone like Vicki Aubert to organize everything for us, with her contacts in Egypt.  Nothing was left to worry or chance.  The whole trip was beautifully orchestrated with security in mind every step of the way - without security being "in the way".

Security was very important to us and is very important to Egypt since tourism is their biggest source of income.  As a tourist, being respectfully aware of cultural differences and using some common sense will assist with staying safe.  Our Egyptian tour guides, Hazem and Ghada cared for us like a flock of their own and made us feel secure to the point that we rarely had to give safety any more thought than if we were at home.  As I reflect on the trip now I am sure that they always knew where all of us were and watched out for possible dangers.  They were like shepherds morning to night and guided us safely through each adventure throughout the day.  I never felt that I, my children or anyone was in danger.  My husband and I took this trip with our beautiful blond 18 year old daughter, our 22 year old "like-a-daughter", 16 -year-old son and our precious blond haired, blue-eyed 2-year-old son.)

The hotels were modern and wonderful, the ancient sites were exciting and wonderfully preserved.  We saw all there was to see in Egypt.  Recommending this trip to someone else is easy; it's a trip we'll never forget.  If you go with Vicki, Hazem or Ghada, you are in very good hands."
Suzanne Daytin